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“To Heal, or Not To Heal?” -- A Saint-Germain Channeling

“To Heal, or Not To Heal?”
A Saint-Germain Channeling
Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack
January 31, 2011
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The following is part of a yearly forecast reading. It has been edited and reprinted here with the client’s permission.

“Dear Saint-Germain, I want to do spiritually-based, holistic healing. The problem is this: A part of me knows that I have a lot of gifts and can help people, but there’s another part of me that stops me from taking any action. My ideal would be to have the courage to act upon my dreams, and then to trust that financial abundance and deep satisfaction will come. Is this possible? Can you see me making any progress on this during the next year?”

My friend, I'll say right now that you are going to face significant challenges during the next year, but you will have some very important help, too. Things are coming to a head quickly, as you already know. Astrological alignments are showing this, as well. You’ll likely encounter situations in which you must act upon initiatives with greater self-confidence. You must have faith in yourself, trust your knowledge, and establish boundaries and limits around the people and things that distract you.

In Service or Servitude?

You are entering a period in which you will significantly evolve the solar energy that you carry within you. This energy is strongly patterned by Aries and Leo, regions of the zodiac which were prominent at your birth. This means that you will need to focus more upon yourself now, as well as upon your creative ideas and your courage and determination to follow through on them.

At the same time, you will have to establish effective boundaries and limits around the people and things that are demanding too much of your energy and attention. You are naturally oriented in service to others...and this is admirable. But the people who are drawn to you are sometimes abusing this. By this, I mean that instead of serving others, you are finding yourself in servitude to them. This diffuses your focus, your energy, your will power, and your self-initiative, as you already know.

To effectively counter this, you will need to be firm, courageous, and determined with others – and you will need to do this with yourself, too. Have faith that you can do this, and let go of the self-doubt. Soon it will be time for you to break free from the people and things that have been confining you, and step into a more positive realization of all that you want to be, and all that you want to express.

The heavy responsibilities that others are routinely placing upon you, are oftentimes working against you. The problem is that you tend to accept this somewhat passively, rather than standing up for yourself and letting people know what you want, instead.

Rather than allowing them to act with undeserved authority over your life, you need to step up and exercise authorship over your life – and put clear and definite limits around this kind of unwanted interference. There is a need for you to be firm with yourself, firm with others, and courageous and self-assertive when it comes to advocating for what you need out of life.

You have an important part to play in your community, especially in the areas of spirituality, healing, and service to others. I encourage you to follow through on this. Nurturing others is something that your Soul is encouraging you to do in this lifetime. But make sure that you are not assuming the burdens of others, when you do.

Also, please remember that it IS appropriate for you to be compensated for the services and advantages that you offer to others. You are not a servant. You are a valued member of your community.

To Heal, or Not to Heal?

Right now, it's especially important to give yourself permission to be paid for the spiritual and healing services that you provide to others. You have trained yourself to do this work. And in other lifetimes, you have prepared the way for this, too. Acknowledge this and be glad that you deserve such reward.

People who claim they are entitled to your spiritual or healing services at little or no charge, are quite mistaken. It’s like asking a master chef to prepare your food, without paying him or her for the effort.

You see, almost all adults are capable of preparing their own food. It’s not that difficult. But if you want the kitchen staff in a restaurant to do this for you, then you must be prepared to compensate them for their training and effort. You must be prepared to pay them in a way that is suited to the culture and society you live in.

And it is no different with spiritual healing.

Your clients are no more entitled to receive your services for free – simply because your talents are spiritual, and not worldly – than people should expect to eat for free at a local restaurant, simply because the food was grown on a nearby farm. No, indeed.

Instead, the local farmer, the restaurant owner, and the chef should all be compensated for their services – even though the Earth has asked nothing of you for the food that it has yielded.

There is no difference with spiritual healing and facilitation. No difference at all.

You should remember to give thanks first, to the One Source that sustains you. But after that, you should always honor and compensate the sevice provider in ways that are mutually agreeable. If you do, then you will discover a new joy and satisfaction in all forms of commercial exchange while you are here on the Earth.

This is the main message that we have for you, dear friend. We encourage you to look closely now at what brings you joy, and what you feel passionate about. And then ask yourself the question, “To heal, or not to heal?”

Trust the intuition that wells up from deep inside you, and then use this to guide and direct your decision. The year will be eventful and sometimes challenging for you, it is true. But also rewarding and productive in ways that you might not yet imagine.

Here are a few other times that you might want to consider, as the year progresses:

During March 2011, the movement of the planet Uranus will resonate powerfully with the energies of Jupiter that you have carried since birth. This will significantly energize your desire to liberate yourself – to break free from old structures and patterns. Have faith in yourself as you learn to expand your horizons and take care of your needs. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and be willing to put yourself forward. The time to take a leap is fast approaching.

From the end of June 2011 to the beginning of July 2011, and then again in October, transiting Jupiter will resonate favorably with the energies of Venus that you carry, and that have been gradually evolving through your life experiences. What does this mean? Once again, it means that you will need to have faith in yourself. You will need to expand beyond your current limitations and be optimistic about the long-term outcome.

This will be especially important when it comes to making money from your spiritual healing services. Jupiter in the energetic field of Taurus at this time, holds the promise of success for you, as well as the beginning of a cycle of prosperity.

By May 2012, the movement of Jupiter will resonate strongly with your growing awareness of higher purpose. This can be favorably directed toward your career at this time. Tangible manifestations of prosperity should appear in your life, too. Also, increased, but not unwanted responsibility will come your way – so be ready.

Thank you, dear friend, for allowing us to be here with you today. It's been a pleasure to share this space and this friendship with you.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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