Monday, August 15, 2011

“Soul Mates or Cellmates?" A Saint-Germain Channeling

“Soul Mates or Cellmates?”
A Saint-Germain Channeling
Alexandra and Dan

The following is part of a Soul purpose reading.

Dear Saint-Germain, I have a small company with my boyfriend. But business has been slow and we have to renegotiate our bank loan soon. Our relationship and business are so entangled that sometimes we're more like cellmates, than Soul mates. I thought we might separate because of this, but we've decided to marry instead. How can we have a happy marriage and a successful business, too?

Hello dear friend. I AM Saint-Germain. Yes, this is a sensitive time for you. You’re dedicated to the vision that you hold for your business. But now, you’re feeling challenged to turn this into a stable reality. You’re also making a deeper commitment to your relationship through marriage, even though you’ve recently questioned each others’ devotion to the business and considered separating. This is certainly going to bring up issues for you to examine. Here’s what I mean by this…

Mixing Business and Your Relationship.

Your struggles with the business can mask deeper issues of confidence about your creativity and business skills. For example, if you expected to succeed quickly, but your results have fallen short of your expectations, then you may be doubting your creativity now. Feelings of inferiority may have set in, driving you toward stagnation or giving up. That’s why it’s important to understand that your creativity and business skills are different, but complementary areas of expression for you. You’ll need both to have the fulfillment that you desire. But, while creativity may flow easily for you, your business skills may take longer to develop. So remember to be patient with yourself, and continue to refine these.

The insecurity that you feel can aggravate problems with discipline and focus, as well as harnessing your creativity in grounded, practical ways. If you try to compensate for practicality with greater enthusiasm or faith in your enterprise, rather than dealing with your economic situation realistically, it can lead you toward “magical thinking” – that is, believing that miraculous solutions or unexpected interventions will resolve a situation that actually requires your responsible attention. On the other hand, if you tend toward the opposite extreme of negativity, then you risk undermining your self-esteem and best efforts, and those of your partner, with undeserved criticism and blame.

Your hopes for a successful business are clearly entwined with your personal relationship, so that you are finding it difficult to see the way forward. This can make it tempting to blame your relationship for failures of the business, or your business for troubles within the relationship. But, what is required instead is a higher awareness of their differences, and a willingness to work toward collaborative solutions with compassion and understanding.

Choosing to end your relationship could have been one way out of your difficulties. And this was something that you considered. But it may have felt too uncomfortable for you to leave this relationship, or to walk away from someone with whom you share so much history.

Does the solution lie in the other direction? In making a greater commitment to each other that will carry you through the good times and the bad? This is the path that you have chosen now – the path of marriage. “To honor and cherish, for better or worse, for richer or poorer,” as the wedding vows sometimes declare. This is a complicated matter, so let’s look at these issues in more detail now.

Magical Thinking.

There is a part of you that still looks at things through the eyes of an adolescent. This part of you is idealistic, enthusiastic and youthful, yet does not always trust her abilities or have enough confidence to manifest those beautiful dreams. What you will need to do now, without blaming yourself for any of this, is to move ahead into a more balanced place in your life.

In fact, you have seen this change in attitude work for you successfully in recent months. You’re becoming more responsible and accountable to yourself in your business. You’re evolving into someone that people rely upon, primarily because you are relying upon yourself more and trusting your abilities to get things done. This doesn’t require you to throw excessive amounts of energy into things or struggle and worry unnecessarily. Instead, you are learning that it's most important to get to the heart of the matter and expose the truth, and from this vantage point, bring light to any issue that requires your attention.

You’re no longer finding excuses for your economic situation in the myth of your shortcomings or in the misgivings that you entertained about your relationship. Instead, you’re getting clear, making choices, and taking appropriate initiative to do what needs to be done. And this is commendable.

You also know that if you enter into matrimony with your current partner, imagining that you will find deeper emotional fulfillment AND a resolution to your economic problems through marriage, that you may be repeating old patterns. This is the kind of “magical thinking” that has gotten you into trouble before. Now you will want to establish a stable and secure approach toward your economic life, before going forward with your intimate relationship.

Now I’m not suggesting that you abandon your plans to get married. Far from it. But I am suggesting that as you go forward as a married couple, you will still have the same business issues to deal with. It will be important for both of you to approach this with clear thinking, clearly delegated roles and responsibilities, and a step-by-step process that you can execute to become free of debt, and then continue with your business in a more stable way, if this is what the two of you decide is best.

Astrology, Timing and Advice.

In terms of timing around these issues, you will have to act with continued diligence, renewed planning, and a commitment to resolve your business situation from August 2011 until the end of December 2011. This is not a matter of heroics – or exhausting yourself with heavy expenditures of energy. It’s about careful, cautious planning and developing an executable strategy toward being debt free and solvent with your business.

During this time, four astrological bodies associated with your natal planetary configuration will be under pressure from transiting Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter. These transiting planets will align with your natal Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Chiron at the sensitive 29th degrees of Taurus, Libra, Cancer, and Pisces, respectively. In terms of Soul purpose for you in this lifetime, this has to do with the entanglement of your relationship and your business, so it would be wise to observe this forecast.

This will require your increasing attention for the next few months. Then in January and February 2012, the real issue will probably crystallize. I say this because transiting Saturn will be conjuncting your natal Moon in Libra, bringing into sharp focus any conflicts between the needs of your relationship and the demands of your business partnership. This will likely be a time of constraint, so you will have to deal with it in a serious and disciplined way. The best way to succeed is through commitment, follow through, and a responsible, step-by-step plan toward achieving your goals.

If you and your partner can deal with this effectively, then by the middle of April 2012, it is quite likely that your problems with indebtedness will be coming to an end. I emphasize this because your progressed Moon will be leaving the 8th house sector of your birth chart – which is associated with debt and credit – while transiting Jupiter will be entering the 8th house.

At this time, transiting Jupiter in Taurus should increase the possibility for a stable cash flow or getting a better loan; but only if your investments are well-structured and your risk is managed with a realistic and cautious approach. Otherwise, you may overextend yourselves again and bring more money problems to you. Combining an intimate relationship with a business partnership is a challenging area for you, and you may be inclined to overestimate your potential for prosperity and success at this time. Just remember to be realistic and good things can happen.

Trusting Your Guidance, Taking Practical Steps.

The resolution of this situation is not likely to be anything spectacular. There will not be any magical steps that you can take, nor is it likely that there will be any miraculous interventions that will appear, unless you prepare the way first through due diligence. It may feel hard, and it may feel like a burden, but even this is alright. I encourage you to remember that “this too shall pass” and that you will find yourself in a much better experience of life when this is completed.

The inner guidance that you're receiving now will point you in the right direction. It will encourage you when you’re feeling down and celebrate with you as you succeed along the way. This experience will bring much satisfaction to you when it’s done, and restore a level of confidence in yourself that you cannot comprehend now. So be confident, trust yourself, and know that all is well.

I AM Saint-Germain, and you are deeply loved.

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