Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ask Saint-Germain, "Why Do My Feelings Change So Much?"

Ask Saint-Germain, "Why Do My Feelings Change So Much?"
Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
November 17, 2010

This Soul purpose reading is reproduced here with the client's permission.
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Dear Saint Germain, my moods and thoughts are fluctuating all the time. I can be soaring with excitement in one moment, and “down in the dumps” the next. I'm a single mother, and this situation is affecting my self-esteem, my choices, my children, and my general happiness. I’m also having difficulty keeping practical routines around the home for very long. Can you help me?

My friend, you are a sensitive human being. And because of this, you are very permeable to the thoughts, moods, and emotions of others. This is a strong signature in your energetic field. Now, what does this mean to you? In general, it means that the moodiness that is affecting you, sometimes has its origin within you. But more often than not, it is induced by others around you.

Here’s an example of how this can work: Because you are perceptive to the energies of others, being around too many people, for too long, will probably feel tiring to you. Your emotions will be affected, too. You might suddenly feel angry or depressed, not because these are your legitimate feelings, but because someone around you is feeling this way.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then you would probably benefit from establishing personal boundaries and routines that help you maintain your energetic integrity as an individual. By doing this, you can eliminate much of the confusion and moodiness from your life.

Your Soul is encouraging you to establish boundaries and routines that will help you safeguard your individuality. You might call this a kind of energetic, self-defense.

Boundaries and Personal Integrity

Of course, nothing about you ultimately needs to be defended. You are a Child of God, and God also. Period. This Truth guarantees your safety and security for all eternity. But in the Earth realm, people have varying degrees of awareness of this fact. This mean that sometimes others may impose their wills, emotions, and thoughts upon you in order to feel safe in the world, rather than threatened. They will do this, because they have forgotten the Truth of their Divinity.

If you are a sensitive person, it’s quite likely that your spiritual awareness is well developed. As a consequence, you will tend to remain energetically open and trusting toward others. But if you are indiscriminate in doing this, you may find that individuals with less awareness than yours, begin to invade your energetic field with their thoughts, emotions, and fears. Unless you know this is happening, you will tend to identify their strong feelings, as your own. You will not know where you “stop,” and others “begin.”

So, just to reiterate… Your fluctuating moods and troubled thoughts are often due to your sensitivity. You are “spiritually open,” which means that maintaining the energetic boundaries of personhood may not come easily to you.

About Your Soul’s Purpose

At this time, your Soul is encouraging you to establish and enforce personal boundaries in your relationships. This can be with your children, your parents, your friends, and even your co-workers.

But to do this, you will need to step effectively into your role as a mother. This is where the confusion and mood swings may be greatest. This may feel difficult at first, but don’t get discouraged. It will get better.

There are other benefits to this, too. As you learn to communicate your boundaries to your children, and establish practical routines that make your life as a single mother easier, you’re going to find that something magical happens. Something unexpected, but welcomed by you.

You’re going to find that you can distinguish your own thoughts and emotions, from the disturbed feelings of those around you, and you will filter out anything that doesn’t belong to you. This will improve your life immensely. It’s going to help you feel more secure in raising your children, and to be fully present in your other relationships, too. It will help you recognize what is yours, and what is not; and increase your general happiness in the world, as you have desired.

You will also find yourself taking a stronger role in the home, as a parent and communicator. You will find that you can speak to your children as the loving parent that you are, but from a clearer position of authority. You will communicate your love and kindness to them, but in a bounded framework that allows you to be an effective mother, too.

This is where you are headed.

I know that you probably feel burdened by the responsbilities of single parenthood right now, and that you may feel compelled somehow to do it perfectly. But you can start to relax about this. Although your world may feel unfocused at times, you can correct this… and you will. There are practical things you can do to remedy this now.

Letting Routines Help You

You’ve said that it’s difficult for you to keep practical routines in place for very long around the home. Yet, routines and boundaries can work together effectively. Why is this so? Because your routines help define who you are, by showing yourself and others exactly what is important to you on a regular basis.

When people close to you, such as your children, are able to observe your daily routines, they are witnessing the boundaries that you have established about the priorities in your life. By making certain routines important, you are sending them a message that these are accurate reflections of who you are, what you do, and what you value. In other words, you are setting boundaries by your actions, not just by talking about it. People will often respect actions, more than words.

So please remember that your boundaries and routines can support each other very well, especially if you are a sensitive person. They give you the tools that you need to stay open and loving, without being trampled by those who have forgotten how to do this for themselves; or in the case of your children, by those who are too young to understand this, yet.

Thank you for your question, dear one.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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