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"Supporting Your Soul's Purpose, Meeting Your Human Needs." - A Saint-Germain Channel

"Supporting Your Soul's Purpose,
Meeting Your Human Needs."
A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
July 17, 2010

Living with Soul purpose, and taking care of your basic human needs, can feel like incompatible activities at times. In this channel, we address the challenge. We would also like to announce a powerful, private session with Saint-Germain that will help you with this.

My friend, I AM Saint-Germain. Many times you have discovered that satisfying your basic human needs can feel out of alignment with your desire to create something of value in the world. You have found yourself wondering why you can't meet your basic physical and emotional needs and, at the same time, walk a path of enlightened service to humanity.

Ask yourself if there is not a tension in your life between what you want and need from the physical world, and what you think would bring you the greatest joy in a spiritual sense?

Many of you have had this experience. You have had this experience as you attempted to reconcile your genuine desire to walk a spiritual path, with the needs that you have for security and comfort as a human being. You perceive that there is some kind of conflict between your spiritual goals and your material needs, when there really is not.

Instead of feeling frustrated and continuing to experience this conflict, why not recognize that your Soul has a plan and purpose for your life, and that you can support this plan and purpose in a way that takes care of the human you, too?

Better Understanding Your Soul's Plan and Purpose.

Yes, it is true that many of you have decided to walk a spiritual path on the Earth. You have chosen to align your human life with your Soul's Plan and Purpose, and this is commendable. You are also right to assume that you will be supported by Spirit as you do this. You will. But you should know that humanity holds a strong misperception about this that may still condition your thinking.

This misperception can be stated something like this: Now that you have decided to walk a spiritual path, everything in the physical world should get easier for you. Your troubles and challenges should disappear. You should be able to devote yourself to higher pursuits because your human needs will be taken care of by Spirit, without you having to pay much attention to them.

Well, there is nothing "wrong" with maintaining this belief, just as there's nothing particularly "right" about it, either. So, instead of asking yourself what is right or wrong about this belief, why not ask yourself what is true about it?

What Is the Truth About Your Soul's Plan and Purpose for You?

It is true that, yes, you are always loved and cared for by Spirit in profound ways. But it is equally true that you are responsible for taking care of your basic human needs, too. For example, you have needs for food, love, shelter, companionship, and so much more. And you have a definite role to play in this.

You are a co-creator with Spirit in this, just as you are in everything else. You are not alone in taking care of this. But neither are you exempt from participating. This is undeniable. This is Truth.

Remember this Fundamental Truth. You are a Spirit Being here on Earth, having a human experience. You are an embodiment of your Soul. And as we have already explored in recent broadcasts, your Soul has chosen to be here, so that it can fully experience the Truth of its Divinity in the physical realm.

Satisfying Your Spiritual Aspirations, and Your Worldly Needs.

The ultimate path that your Soul has chosen, is to return to perfect companionship with God. We have discussed this in a recent online channeling broadcast. It is a spiritual path, to be sure. But it also involves you as a human being, too. And because your humanness is involved in this “path walking,” it subjects you to the limited perspective of your beliefs. Remember that your human self is generally guided by what you believe to be true, while your spiritual self is more receptive to the Truth.

You see, the real problem is this... By holding onto this belief that once you are walking a spiritual path, that your human cares and concerns should just disappear, you may actually begin to neglect your humanness and the legitimate care and concern it requires from you.

You forget the basics: that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that your human needs matter just as much as your fundamental spiritual identity.

You deny the fact that satisfying your human needs for good nutrition, proper shelter, personal accomplishment, and meaningful social interaction helps you lead a balanced life because these things engage your physicality, as well as your spirituality.

You need to remember that when you honor your physicality, that your spiritual aspirations can be met with greater ease, too. Yes, there is an important connection between your physicality and your spirituality. If there wasn't, you wouldn't be able to exist here.

How can you honor this connection between your physicality and your spirituality? You first begin by acknowledging and loving your humanness, and then asking yourself what you need in order to feel safe and secure in the world. You understand that by taking care of this, you create a foundation for embodying and sharing the things of spiritual value that you have brought into the world.

So honor your legitimate human needs. Take care of yourself. Ask yourself, what needs do you have that you haven't attended to, yet? Spend some time exploring this. I am not asking you to get dramatic or sentimental about it. It's simply about observing and exploring what is calling you now.

And please remember that “needs” and “neediness” are not the same thing. Neediness is a systematic belief in lack that has no basis in reality. When you consistently identify yourself as needy, you are eventually going to undermine your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Your needs, on the other hand, are not debilitating. They are simply part of your biological heritage. Furthermore, when you satisfy your needs, you are contributing to your basic experience of well-being. Your needs include proper nourishment, suitable shelter, loving relationships, and the appropriate exercise of personal autonomy within respectful, collaborative gathering of other human beings.

Letting Your Humanity and Your Spirituality Walk Together.

Your human needs are important because they are part of your earthly experience. Don't deny them, don't hide from them. Instead, give them the honor and attention they deserve.

Dear friend, every aspect of your human life is important. This is something that many overlook, especially when they are more focused on fulfilling their spiritual desires and intentions.

Please understand that you will be in no position to help yourself in your spiritual growth, or to assist others, if you do not care appropriately for the well-being of your physical life. So, why not do it now? Realize that your physical needs are just as important as your spiritual aspirations. They walk hand-in-hand, just as long as you are here on the Earth. So, make sure that you give them the same importance. Don't forget to be actively involved in creating a balanced life for yourself on all levels... on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. All of these make up your earthly experience. As was mentioned earlier, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are here to honor and integrate this to the best of your ability.

When you do this, you will find that you are feeling more fulfilled with your life. That is because you are allowing everything to fill you: the wisdom of the Soul that guides you, the nourishing food that you eat, the warm bed that you sleep in, the wonderful music that you listen to, and the loving friends that surround you. All this is experienced on the same scale of importance in your human life. If you allow this, it will enhance well-being while you are here on Earth, and it will help others around you to do the same.

Thank you, dear friends, for being here, today. It is a joy to share this place and time with you.

A Viewer's Question

“Dear Saint-Germain, Spirit teaches us to be true to ourselves, to our joy. I am married, with two children, and I am working in a job that I don't like, just in order to support my wife and children. I feel like just breaking free from it all and disappearing to a remote monastery somewhere in the mountains, or to just travel and be free to be myself. How can I do something like this, when I have a wife and two children to support?”

My friend, indeed, this is a situation that strikes right at the core of the matter that we are speaking about today.

How are you able to take care of your own human needs, especially when you are also taking care of the needs of other people, too? And in this case, these people are your wife and children.

I understand that you are feeling frustrated, and that you would like to bring change into your life. But before you make any impulsive decision about where to go, and what to do, I invite you first to stop for a moment and breathe.

It is natural for all humans to want to break free from limitations, and to want to move into better life conditions, especially when they are feeling the way you feel right now.

However, dropping everything that you've invested yourself in, and in the life that you've created for yourself and your loved ones, will not make you happier. I am not trying to discourage you here. But the idea of living in a monastery will not make you happy for very long, even though it seems like it would right now. But you know this already, otherwise you would have chosen this path, instead of questioning it, as you are doing right now.

It is important, however, to recognize your deeper needs in this situation. These need to receive your attention now, very urgently. These needs have created a kind of uprising within you; they are wanting you to focus your attention on something fundamentally important. You have been neglecting these long enough now, that you are feeling suffocated by your current situation; so you need to turn your attention to them now.

The thing that is fundamentally important right now is to take time for yourself. You need to take care of yourself first. Do this, in appropriate ways, before taking care of others. Nurture, strengthen, and renew yourself now. This will not exempt you from your responsibilities toward others in your life, nor do you really desire this. But it will help you to put your responsibilities into proper perspective.

You see, when you have created a balanced perspective about satisfying your needs and the needs of your loved ones, then you will gain clarity and maintain a compassionate view of things at the same time. You will better understand your motivations, and you will be able to shed some light on what has brought feelings of unhappiness and restriction into your life. Then you will see what your evolving needs are at this time, and how you can best take care of them within the loving network of relationships that you have created.

When you do, the sense of fulfillment that comes from attending to these needs will open the channels of communicating with your Soul, and will invite greater ease and joy into your life.

So, my dear... the important question for you right now is, how can you better take care of yourself? What can you do to improve the way your personal needs are met?

The most important step I would encourage you to take now is to reconsider the beliefs and assumptions behind the question that you have asked. You said, “I am working in a job that I don't like, just in order to support my wife and children. I feel like just breaking free from it all...” You are clearly feeling restricted and unhappy with this situation, and you are looking for relief. You are looking to have basic needs met. But what are the needs? Ask yourself this.

For example, is one of your basic needs to provide for your physical safety and security, and for that of your loved ones? Or is your basic need to feel accomplished as an individual; whole and complete in the work and service that you provide to others? Perhaps your basic need is to attend to the relatedness, love, and sense of belonging that you experience with your family? Or maybe the main need you have now is beyond family, self, and biological security? Perhaps it is more trans-personal? Maybe you are longing for connections with All Life, that your current situation is not satisfying.

It is also quite possible that all of these needs may be legitimate and interacting at the same time. But you must look at them. And as you do, you will begin to feel the authenticity of each one, and have a better understanding of what you may need to do, or allow, in order to satisfy them.

Give these questions some thought, but do not dramatize your situation. Give yourself the time to see how your real needs are revealed to you, and observe yourself in the process. You will find ways that you can do things differently, and this will enable you to move beyond this feeling that your needs don't matter.

You do matter to many, and you are loved beyond words, my friend. Thank you for your question. 

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