Monday, December 21, 2009

"December Solstice & New Year's Message" A Saint-Germain Channel

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"December Solstice & New Year's Message"
A Saint-Germain Channel
Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
December 21, 2009
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Beloved Friends,

This is a time to rejoice, and many of you are celebrating now. Some of you are celebrating the end of the current year. For others, it is the coming of the Christ Light to Earth. For others still, it is the solstice. For whatever reason you celebrate, I greet you and share your joy.

Your Passage from 2009 into 2010

What lively and spirited people you are! What adventurers. Just look at how far you stepped out of your old patterns of living in 2009. Acknowledge yourselves for this. It's not an easy thing to do, but you've done it, – and I encourage you to continue.

Now, let's take a moment at the end of this year to honor all that you have done in 2009, and then examine the potentials for 2010.

Imagine that you have been on an extended voyage at sea during the last year. It's been a lengthy trip, as many of you would affirm. You have crossed an ocean of experiences during the past year – and for some of you, it's been more than at any other time in your lives. At the Soul level, you undertook this voyage with great enthusiasm, even though your personalities may have objected at times. The waters were turbulent and choppy during parts of your passage, but you continued along with great courage, and I applaud you for this.

Your passage through the challenges of 2009 is almost complete. You have finally arrived at the shore. But even though your year-long voyage is coming to an end, there is a much greater journey that you are taking in this lifetime, and this journey is far from over. This journey is about your precious commitment to remember All That Is Divine about you, and it is certainly not over.

I am happy to tell you that with the completion of 2009, your experience of this journey can begin to change, if you will allow it. Here is what I mean:

During 2009, you may have felt that you were moving forward in remembering your Divinity and living your life that way. But it was also quite challenging. Things felt very limiting in 2009. Using the analogy of the ship at sea again, you may have felt that in 2009 you were confined below the decks of your vessel, and that you were unable to move about freely. You were moving forward, but it hardly felt like you could see the progress you were making. These feelings can start to change now.

Imagine that your long voyage at sea last year, a voyage in which you were often confined to your cabin, is over. You have reached the shore now, and soon you will set foot upon dry land again. This is a New Land to be certain, and it may feel unfamiliar. But it is one where you will feel solid ground beneath your feet again, and move about with much more freedom.

The Coming Year, 2010

In 2010, instead of experiencing yourselves as passive travelers, often restricted to your cabin berths during your trip, you are going to feel more like active explorers of your life's journey again. This will be a noticeable change.

If the analogy helps you, then as you begin 2010 you can imagine that you have reached a New Land. Of course, this New Land is really an expanded perspective about Who You Really Are, and you have reached this as a result of your experiences in 2009.

In this New Land, and with your New Perspective, you are going to appreciate the resources that are available to you now. These are mostly Inner Resources, as you all know by now. But this is, as it should be. Your Inner Resources are the foundations that you count upon to create all the material things that you enjoy in your life.

Dear Friends, if you felt deprived of material and financial well-being during 2009, this can begin to turn around for you now. Last year's challenges made you much more aware of the strength and value of your Inner Resources, and now you know that these are what you need to feel Truly Complete. With this knowledge and this New Perspective, you can choose to enrich your lives in ways that you might not have considered possible before.

Yes, I realize that this is only a symbolic way of describing your experiences of the past year, as well as the potentials for the coming year. But it serves a purpose.

So now, please begin to think of yourselves as explorers in this New Land that you have recently discovered. What will you do here? How are you feeling about this?

Perhaps the very first thing you are starting to feel is excitement about the opportunities that await you here. Spend a moment and sense these. Feel them. Enjoy this time of anticipation that is given you. Don't rush off in an attempt to get busy again. Savor the moment. Dream of your possibilities in life again.

Once you have allowed yourself this time, then you can begin to explore the New Landscape of your life. Learn to recognize the explorer within you, for this will serve you well in the coming year.

Recognize the Explorer

An explorer is excited, curious, and always willing to extend the boundaries of what is known. An explorer doesn't allow him- or herself to get stuck in routine ways of thinking or doing things. An explorer is aware of Newness and is able to adapt to change. Remember this in 2010.

I invite you now to feel the Explorer within you. This energetic archetype can be a great ally for you, as you prepare yourselves for the next leg of your journey. Get ready for new discoveries, new perspectives, and unexpected opportunities, because they are definitely coming your way in 2010.

Also, I encourage you to to call upon the Inner Resources that you found in 2009. Use them to find new ways to deal with the opportunities that present themselves to you in 2010. Prepare yourselves to create lives and lifestyles that will sustain you, and your world, in the coming year.

Also, be prepared to experience an expanded understanding of your permanent, everlasting nature in 2010. This is the God Source of which you are a part.

As you begin to release the limitations that were part of your lives in 2009, and open yourselves to the opportunities for 2010, you are going to notice that your sense of time is changing. You are going to experience more of the timeless nature of the God Source. And in this sense of timelessness you are going to find a jewel that you can always treasure. This jewel is your personal connection to an awareness that All Is Well with the world. Such an awareness is greatly needed these days.

In your explorations for 2010, the God Source is going to reveal itself to you more and more, and you will have greater opportunities to acknowledge that this IS your True Self; the One who lives in you, as you. You are going to have expanded possibilities to meet this Great One that you always knew was you. And as you allow these encounters to take place, you are going to be transformed.

Be ready and willing for this to happen, for willingness is all you need to take up this exciting, new stage of your life's journey.

I Am Saint-Germain, and I send to all of you my greetings for this day.

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