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Translated Channels

"Being Decisive and Courageous"
A Saint-Germain Channeling

"Dear Saint-Germain, I’ve always felt unsure of myself. I don’t have enough self-confidence to explore or develop the gifts that I have. I’m intelligent and curious about many different things, but I still don’t know what I’d be good at doing with my life. Instead, I’ve chosen to do what I think will please other people, especially my family members. I would like to be more aligned with my Soul’s purpose for me, but for the moment I feel quite stuck. Can you help me, please?"

My friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

In this lifetime, your Soul’s purpose for you is about learning to apply focus, discipline, and commitment to a field of experience of your choice. But as you know, choosing and then committing also creates challenges for you. The challenge is this: with your intelligent and curious mind, you like lots of broad, varied, and stimulating experiences. And for this reason, you have a tendency to lose your focus, as well as the disciplined follow-through that are required to go deeply into a singular experience of your choosing.

You may also find that you confront significant issues in your life in desiring to be free and independent of others, but also in feeling uncertain about whether you can step away from the shelter, guidance and direction that others – especially family members – have provided for you. These contradictory feelings cause you to swing back-and-forth between feeling overly dependent, and then later needing to break away and be free at all cost.

“Living with Integrity”
A Saint-Germain Channeling

"Dear Saint-Germain, my family is treating my husband with a total lack of respect. It hurts me to witness this. I've tried to forgive them for their interference in our lives, but I find that I cannot. Their continued negativity is preventing me from forgiving them and healing this wound. Can you help me, please?"

Beloved friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

In a very basic way your Soul's purpose in this lifetime is to live in accord with your highest truth and integrity. Since living this way is so very important to you, you are naturally reacting very strongly to your family's inappropriate behavior. They have fallen out of integrity with their higher principles, and their actions have made this obvious to you.

You should congratulate yourself for having recognized this, but not give it any more attention. There is little that you can do now without aggravating the situation and entrenching them more deeply in their mistaken convictions.

Instead, you should focus on yourself. In particular, you should be careful not to develop equally strong, self-convincing beliefs about the way things are. Your family has made this mistake already. And while they spend much emotional energy defending their positions, their hearts are suffering for it.

“Call to Action, Return to Love and Reason.”
A Saint-Germain Channeling

"I AM Saint-Germain. The December Solstice, 2011 and the New Year, 2012 will arrive with energies that are intense and sometimes chaotic. They will unfold quickly toward the March Equinox, and then continue throughout the year. Our advice for now is to expect the unexpected, but to fear nothing.

"Agitation will be common in the coming year, but you are reminded to remain calm. Conflicts, as well as negotiations will be difficult for awhile, so remember not to collapse into fear or worry. Stay connected to the feeling of joy that is present in every moment of your life, and all will be well. Embrace these energies and use them constructively. Let your wisdom and maturity guide you. Do not fight against them impulsively or react in haste.

"Rash actions will only confirm your mistaken belief that there is something wrong with the world, when fundamentally there is not. In error, you will seek to blame each other for your problems, rather than find workable solutions together. The energies that are entering your lives now are ones of expansion and liberation, not chaos and confusion, as they will appear to be. Allow them to transform into this higher expression, and you will soon see that this is so. Trust your Inner Guidance in this.

"Remember that a shift in awareness often appears destructive and chaotic to the existing order of things. This is why the stabilization and transmission of awareness requires patience, tolerance and care. You are asked to avoid excessive haste in this, and to keep your hearts open to the Love that permeates all things."


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