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A Saint-Germain Workshop: A New World Awakens

2 days with Saint-Germain
in Transylvania, Romania.
July 11 and 12, 2009.

We are Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack, the hosts and channels for this workshop. Here is what we offer you:

- Two days with Saint-Germain.
- Live channelings and exercises.
- Catered meals and beverages.
- $395 USD for early registration.

Three-Day Mountain Retreat!

"Humanity is experiencing an unparalleled spiritual awakening... The age-old tendency to act thoughtlessly, impulsively, and without love is being replaced by softer expressions from the heart.

What does this mean to you? Simply this. The days of emotional self-indulgence are coming to a close. If this has been one of your favorite modes of expression, enjoy it while you can. It won’t last much longer.”
– A New World Awakens
Dan Bennack, Alexandra Mahlimay, and Saint-Germain

Letting Divinity Guide Your Humanity

Have you wondered how it is to live like a true master? To embrace life fully, and to follow the flow of your creativity? To create a wonderful human experience for yourself and the entire world around you?

You know you've reached a new phase in your life, when you no longer search for the Truth, instead you know it. You know You Are a Child of God, and God, also. So what makes you feel insecure still?

Well, it is probably because you not only want to know the truth of your Divinity, but you also want to FEEL it. You want to feel it in every cell of your body.

You desire to feel like a master does, and you want to experience your life as the life of a fully integrated master. And as you do this, you desire to start living a life of joy that you can share with others, and to then create together the New World and the new Earth.

Intended Outcomes for You

...Imagine experiencing joy, freedom, and fulfillment in greater measure than you have known before. How would it be to have a consistent experience of love and mastery, right now?

...You feel strengthened in feeling your Divinity through direct experience.

...You have learned to recognize the voice coming from the depth of your being, to trust it, and to follow this voice in your daily actions.

...You've also learned to trust the new experience of Yourself, as the wonderful being that you are.

...You have had the chance to meet others like you, who have remembered Divinity, and chose to live their lives from that place of remembrance.

...You've had the chance to express yourself through a group-experience, and you've also had the opportunity to explore new ways of living together with others in harmony.

Preparing yourself for the workshop --> bigger font

Before we get together in the physical, you will have the possibility to meet the other participants in our internet forum (?), so when we will meet you will all know each other. Plus, we will have an evening gathering on Friday, July 10th previous to the workshop, where you will have the chance to meet with each other.

Activities During the Workshop

- Live channels with Saint-Germain
- You will have the possibility to ask Saint-Germain and us questions, and discuss your answers in the group
- Guided exercises with Saint-Germain
- Group and individual activities, according to/coordinated with the different exercises
- Breathing and laughing together, in a relaxed home environment
- PLUS we will have lunch and dinner during the two days to celebrate our humanness.
- AND let's not forget that we have a beautiful garden with many flowers, and pets around the house.

Schedule and Content of the Workshop

During the workshop we will cover the main themes in our book, A New World Awakens. Through the channels, the guided exercises, and the practical experiences, you will discover the core truth for each of the themes in our book.

Saturday morning we will talk about
The Transitioning You (Section 4 in our book)
Main Theme is: Forgetting Your Divinity
Core Truth that will be revealed to you: Unworthiness Is An Illusion

The illusion of forgetting your Divinity is the beginning of the journey for anyone who would choose to walk upon the Earth in spiritual sovereignty. Forgetting your Divinity is the root cause of suffering because it leads to a misidentification with the ego. The ego is the false you. It is the part of you that believes you are “Not Good Enough” to be loved, or to BE ONE with the Source of All Love.

Saturday afternoon we will talk about
The New You, (Section 1 in our book)
Main Theme is: Remembering Your Divinity
Core Truth that will be revealed to you: You Are God, also.

Remembering your Divinity. When you choose to recognize the Sovereign Within, you are effectively proclaiming, “I Am a Child of God, and God, also. This is the Truth About Me.” It matters little if this is an inner statement or an outer testimonial. Your simple recognition that God indwells you, will begin to dispel the falseness of the ego and pave the way for your real happiness.

Sunday morning we will talk about
New Relationships (Section 2 in our book)
Main Theme is: Sharing Your Divinity
Core Truth that will be revealed to you: What You Are, Is What You Have, Is What You Share

When you know who you are in truth, it becomes easy to remember that your Divinity is shared. You seek supportive relationships with each other because your Divinity can never be yours alone. It is not the exclusive possession of any individual or group. God’s Love is there for all, because God’s Love Is All There Is. It is not divisible. It is shared.

Sunday afternoon we will talk about
The New World (Section 3 in our book)
Main Theme is: Expressing Your Divinity
Core Truth that will be revealed to you is: You Are Sovereign in Choice, But Interdependent in Life

Unity awareness grows from the practice of expressing your Divinity together. By consistently supporting each other in Who You Really Are, you realize that your unified experience of God is greater than the sum of your individual encounters. It is the greatest and fullest experience of God that you can possibly have. It is about recognizing that your sovereign experience of Divinity exists within the framework of God’s Unity, which sustains it.

Prices and Ordering Information

Two-Day Workshop with Saint-Germain.
July 11th and 12th, 2009
Time (daily):
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. workshop activities
Followed by dinner together until 8 p.m.
Our home in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Early registration: Before June 15th, the cost will be $395 USD.
Later Registration: After June 15th, the cost will be $500 USD.

These prices include:
- 2-day workshop, PLUS
- 2 catered lunches.
- 2 catered dinners.
- Snacks and beverages during the breaks.

Bonus: our Internet Study-forum.
For four weeks after the workshop/retreat, you will have access to our internet Study-forum, where you can discuss with the other participants your experiences, you can ask questions, and you can receive feedback on your experiences after the workshop/retreat.

Not included in these prices are lodging, breakfasts, transportation in Cluj to-and-from the workshop. (That being said taxis and breakfasts are inexpensive in Romania, and we recommend you several lodging options -- from an economical B&B/villa to a 4-star hotel. Please check out here the lodging options.)

Cancellation fees:
25% before June 15th and
50% after June 15th
And, if the workshop sells out, the rules change. If, after your cancellation, we sell out all 12 seats, we’ll refund your additional 25% or 50% deposit.
In any case of emergency, please talk to us.

To pay for the workshop, you have two options (actually three).
You can pay by PayPal, or credit/debit card to our PayPal account, or you can wire us money through Western Union/MoneyGram.

If you are ready to purchase the Workshop now, please visit our payment page here.

Travel and Lodging Information

Our special page dedicated to practical information about your coming journey to Cluj includes maps,recommendations for lodging, information about transportation possibilities, historic and demographic data about Cluj, sites with pictures of Cluj, and more.

Visit our information page for travel and lodging here...

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