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About Alexandra and Dan

Alexandra was born in Transylvania, Romania. She is an empath and conscious channeler of angelic beings, ascended masters, and spirit guides.

As a child, she enjoyed being outdoors, feeling the earth beneath her feet, and marveling at the beauty of Nature.

In school, she discovered that her greatest sense of joy came from helping others. This led her to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg, Germany. Her professional experience includes crisis counseling and refugee assistance. Alexandra is multilingual, speaking Romanian, French, German, and English.

As an adult, Alexandra rediscovered a childhood gift. She began to communicate again with Spirit. In 2004, she channeled publicly for the first time, giving voice to Miriam (Mary Magdalene), Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, and Yeshua (Jesus).

At present, Alexandra divides her time between writing, workshop development, and private sessions. In her session work, she assists clients in opening up clear lines of communication to their sources of Divinity. These include spirit helpers, guides, and ascended masters, but more importantly they involve the Soul and Higher Self of the client.

Dan is a native Texan from the United States. After obtaining his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Michigan State University, he worked for twenty years as a conservation biologist in tropical Mexico and in the Chihuahuan Desert of the United States. Dan also has experience helping rural communities with environmental problems and has served as a refugee resettlement specialist. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dan’s conscious spiritual path began as an adolescent, when he was drawn to the works of Edgar Cayce. Since then, the love and wisdom of many have guided him. He affirms that the greatest source of inspiration available to him is his Higher Self, the “God Who Lives in me, as me.”

In 2007, Dan began a trip around the world to meet spiritual adventurers he had come to know through various Internet forum groups. During his travels, he shared moments with friends from North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

In Romania, Dan met Alexandra, whom he married and with whom he now shares his life, love, and service to Divinity. You can see their wedding pictures here.

Dan's current passion is writing, developing workshops with Alexandra, and teaching the core truths in their channeled materials.

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